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Unsaving many pictures at once, that you have saved on Instagram was incomplete till now. This one question has been haunting me for months now. At last, I could find a solution.
You need to believe me, that I had spent hours and weeks researching for the right solution. I had deactivated my account, shifted from business to personal account and what not. At last, all my efforts didn't go in vain 😅
Now, I have a piece of good news for all you Instagram lovers out there!💘
All this while you have been searching extensively [like me] on Google about 'how to unsave all saved posts on your Instagram profile at once' 
You might be having as many as 10K of them or outgrown your list. We all are aware, why we have saved those posts, even after realizing the fact there's no feature to unsave them all from your Instagram saved collections. With the existing feature, you can unsave post-by-post but not all at once. 
I personally hold close to 1000 posts which are of ads, inter…

50 Free Online SEO Tools for Website Ranking [All Time Proven Best]

Discover this list of top 50 free online SEO tools, that can amplify your website ranking across different search engines and bring excellent inbound traffic. Learn more

"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them." - Steve Jobs 

Major Google Algorithm Updates Since 2000 for Your SEO

Find below, all major Google Algorithm changes history, penalties, resources, links and updates. An ultimate cheat sheet compiled starting from 2000.Introduction to AlgorithmsIt's predefined on Wikipedia, 'Algorithms are set of rules that can perform calculation, data processing, automated reasoning tasks and problem solving operations by a computer.'
What are Google Algorithm updates? In simple terms, Google Algorithms are called search algorithms that are identified by code names. When a user searches a query on Google seeking for an answer, Google needs to sort through millions and billions of web pages from its search index, to give relevant and useful results within fraction of seconds {About 20,80,00,000 results (0.52 seconds)} Thus, Google has a ranking systems which are made up of a series of algorithms. They analyze and understand your query, to return with relevant and useful information.

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Google h…

How to Use Smart Compose Gmail Feature to Autocomplete Emails

100 ThingsGoogle has recently announced 100 things at the recent I/O'18- a three days developer festival, held at California from May 8th till 11th, 2018. 
One of the main product update is Google's smart compose Gmail feature, as their new feature powered by AI - Artificial Intelligence. The all new Gmail account is smart compose feature enabled to write email faster. The Smart ComposeThe new smart compose feature on Gmail helps you save your time by stopping your repetitive writing such as typing consistent.
This feature will reduce the chances of spelling errors or any grammatical errors like before. With smart compose all you can do is, just keep on typing and rest happens smartly.

Technology at its peakThere is a famous saying in technology that goes like this,
Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. - By Dean Kamen
As he rightly said, I feel that resonates here now with Google announcing all 100 things at o…