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How to Use Smart Compose Gmail Feature to Autocomplete Emails

100 ThingsGoogle has recently announced 100 things at the recent I/O'18- a three days developer festival, held at California from May 8th till 11th, 2018. 
One of the main product update is Google's smart compose Gmail feature, as their new feature powered by AI - Artificial Intelligence. The all new Gmail account is smart compose feature enabled to write email faster. The Smart ComposeThe new smart compose feature on Gmail helps you save your time by stopping your repetitive writing such as typing consistent.
This feature will reduce the chances of spelling errors or any grammatical errors like before. With smart compose all you can do is, just keep on typing and rest happens smartly.

Technology at its peakThere is a famous saying in technology that goes like this,
Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. - By Dean Kamen
As he rightly said, I feel that resonates here now with Google announcing all 100 things at o…
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5 Instagram Hacks That Actually Work | Mobile Video

Hey there,

This is not one of my regular posts, rather i am referring to my vlog channelwhich i have restarted. Started creating some educative videos from my mobile, based on my interests.

Hope, you like these videos and find them resourceful. Subscribe now! And write your comments, which will help me come-up with different topics
Watch the below, one of my recent videos on " 5 Instagram hacks that actually work" 

These hacks will help you navigate like a PRO, on your Instagram App.

I reiterate and request, please watch and subscribe to my videos.

Top 10 Celebrity Accounts with Highest Followers on Instagram [Infographic]

Getting famous across the globe is not a simple thing. And it does not occur incidentally overnight unless, you are a popular celebrity or an identity. 
Knowing a celebrity's personal life is difficult when it's private and not open. But, if they willfully share updates online with their fan base, it becomes more public. As you can make our in the below list, musicians are the biggest and popular stars on Instagram.

Below are, top 10 celebrity accounts with highest followers on Instagram, who has gained their followers count consistently and maintaining their ranking since 2015.

If you observe, needless to say that it's a female dominant list such as, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and the top most is "Selena Gomez"

Except 'Kendall Jenner'! although, she has got 88.5m followers but, this time not in the top 10's list.

So, these are the most popular celeb personalities with highest followers on instagram, who is getting all our double 👆 taps f…

150 Topmost Online Local Business Directories for Free

Business listing on local business directories is, very important and it's a primary step of new business branding. 
Branding a small and mid-sized businesses is crucial. Having an effective branding strategy, could give you major edge with a growing competitive market.

Listing your business on local business directories is, one of the best ways compared to other approach to get found by online searches.

In-fact, local citation has significantly profited businesses such as, manufacturing, real estate, business services, automobiles, restaurants, hangout, arts & entertainment, healthcare services etc.

What are business directories or business listing sites? Business directories or business listing sites are the online service, to register your new business or brand under niche business categories successfully. Besides, to establish yourself with the growing market.

Niche business categories could be of: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, E-Commerce, Business Services, …

55 Free Stock Photo Sites for Creating Social Media Images

"Altogether, there are more than five million royalty free stock photos on these sites for web design, print and social media post creation." (This is a largest collection of 55 royalty free stock photo sites for startups, social media marketers, individuals and for advertisement)
If you are a Social Media Marketer or a blogger, images are essential part of your day-to-day Social Media posting. But, it’s not easy to find some copyright free, royalty free, creative commons, free stock photos that can be used with your content. 
These sites, not only they provide stock photos. But, also you find vectors, PSD files, Icons with wide range of collections to create infographic, cover banners, featured images, business card, brochure, cover page, flyers, wedding cards, poster and much more.
You can discover different categorical photo collection such as, animals, architecture, backgrounds, beauty, business, finance, computer, communication, education, emotion, food, health, industr…

Top 55 Digital Marketing Blogs Highly Recommended for Beginners

Below specified Digital Marketing blogs are my top pics, that i regularly follow to keep myself updated with the trend. 
Actually, reading Digital Marketing Blogs, is one of the ideal and basic practices which all beginners should incorporate. Since, Digital Marketing is adding value to individuals and enterprises, use of it is exponentially increasing.

It’s highly recommended for beginners to read and subscribe to these sought after digital marketing blogs to stay up-to date.

In Fact, enterprises and SME’s (Small and medium-sized enterprises) also, could learn changing trends and developments for their successful business, instead of falling behind to their rivals.

Digital Marketing is the new way of getting things done. The way we communicate, sell, promote, tools that we use, altogether it’s a fundamental change to how businesses are advertising.

Find some of the best Digital Marketing blogs below, where they publish hot and trending topics you ought to follow always: 

List of Digi…