Importance of Online Reputation Management-ORM | 20 Tools, Techniques Uncovered

People are talking about your brand online, are you listening? Are you monitoring them regularly? And, How do you give rebuttal for their reviews? If you are still doubtful, it's time to act now. Online Reputation Management is a lifeblood of your business, it's highly essential to monitor the customer's opinions and give proper rebuttal in-time.  Synopsis There is a lot of competition in the digital space currently. Most brands compete to establish their footing on the web. Not only that, they even look to fish for leads in the virtual world. Businesses strive to create a name for their brand. If they are already popular, they try to go a step further and try to eliminate all the detrimental forces acting against their business. 
The online space is highly volatile. There are all sorts of content that can work both positively and negatively for a business. That is where Online Reputation Management-ORM comes into the picture. 
Online reputation management is all about man…

20 Best Apps to Earn Paytm Cash Quickly in India

20 best apps to earn Paytm cash online Do you know, there are apps that would directly earn Paytm cash in India? Wondering! How to earn Paytm cash free online in 2020? Let’s find the treasure
Before that, we need to come over from that much-hyped trend? You know what I am talking about. Can you just stop running behind Paytm Kurkure cashback info here? Just joking ;) I’m not at all speaking about it yet.
Today, we are going to discover something better and it may change your current state of life. That’s on, how to earn Paytm cash-free, from some top apps? Hold your breath, in a little while we can discover all possible ways to do that.
In India generally, there are two things we tend to do, one is hunting for ways to earn money easily. And the second one is, doing more ineffective activities on the internet.
Today, we can transform that trend into a more productive way. It’s possible with the help and support of some top earning apps online.
Paytm has always been a simple way of m…

How to Earn Money Online Scam Free | The Hot Topic of 2020

A college student or a housewife can earn money online from home, without any investment. Just, follow below-specified ten simple ways to earn real cash Earning money is not that easy these days. It takes a lot of physical and mental effort to have a considerable bank balance and rake in the moolah. But with the advent of digital technology, there has been a lot of development. In fact, the whole ecosystem around earning money has changed considerably.

And due to this revolution, these days you can earn money online by doing simple tasks, completing surveys, through an online quiz competition with the least computer skills and no investment. All you need to do is spend a few hours on your PC or mobile and you would have a considerable cash flow into your personal wallet. It could be in the form of real cash, digital cash (Paytm cash or PayPal cash) or cryptocurrency.
Top 10 easy ways to earn money online without investing1. Watching, clicking online ads
2. Installing apps and giving r…

Top 100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO

“Below specified are top 100 high PR social bookmarking sites list for your SEO. Since bookmarks across social sites bring traffic to your web and enhance page rank. Social bookmarking is vital

Update on: 2020-01-03

This blog is my first of its kind, after so much research and validation, I have listed some top 100 high page rank and doFollow bookmarking sites.

A list is valid, reliable, with high PR, high PA(Page Authority) & high DA(Domain Authority) sites, sorted for different locations.

I hope, you might find these useful. Anyhow, on Google, you might find similar articles such as, “top 10 to top 1000”.

But, believe me! All those articles are obsolete and lead you nowhere but deceased domains, which are already expired or non-significant sites.
OK! if not all, at least some for sure. Most are “Link Baiting sites” which rank higher but, serve no purpose.

Thus, I have listed below some top-notch bookmarking sites for your daily off-page SEO.

Now, before we begin, let’s uncover …

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