All about Google Hangouts - Video conversations made simple


Google Hangouts is turning out to be most effective conversation tool in everyone's life today, both at work and personal life. A communication platform from Google products bouquet. 

With Hangouts you can do lot more in regards to video conversations such as, maintaining your contacts list, inviting new people to join the meetings, organizing group video conferences, messaging, desktop screen sharing; all of these functionalities are free of cost. Also, you can choose to make phone calls live over internet by incurring nominal charges except for U.S. and Canada that are almost free.

Google Hangouts group conversations are better that ever to keep in touch with people and contacts for real-time. In addition to Hangouts, there are few similar chat and video conferencing software platforms that are available online;, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx etc. These are few such web & mobile enabled video conversing software applications which makes our life easier and better too. 

If you have internet bandwidth speed up-to the pace, Hangouts turns out to be hanged-in within no time for you to start the first video conversation call. In case you compare with other video conferencing platforms that i aforementioned, specially Google Hangouts has the best video capturing quality and speed that let you be anywhere in the world.

Hangouts is available for download on your Android, iOS devices or you can download as Chrome extension online.  

How to use Google Hangouts? 

Getting started with Hangouts - A step-by-step guide:

  • Log-in to your personal or official Gmail account (Create one, if you don't have) or visit: 
  • You'll find the screen, one similar to below image:
google hangout dashboard
Google Hangouts dashboard screen

  • There are three options visible to you on dashboard screen now; Video call, Phone call and Message along with a list of your already synced contacts from your personal/official Gmail account
  • If you do not find any contacts list, manually invite people by prmpting to join the meeting after entering their name/email address in the fields
  • On the right-hand-side of your dashboard screen, you get to find the tabs; Contact, Conversation, Phone calls and More (...)
Google Hangouts RHS tabs
RHS tabs - Contacts, Conversations, Phone calls and More

  • The next step is to, start your first video/phone/message conversation by opting 'New Conversation' option to any of your listed contacts.
  • A conversation can be B/w two people or group of people with no added cost to it, just that you have to create relevant group conversations (group chat/group video call)
Creating group conversation screen
Creating group conversation screen
In case you are using Google Hangout for first time, i personally advise you to check and set-up all the settings as per your need.

Time to say High Five!!!, hope you found this blog article simple, useful and knowledgeable. Now, i request you to share it across your network on Social Media or e-mail to your friends.


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