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A 7 year old girl asked Google for a job and what happened next is truly motivating!

Yes! A 7 year old girl called Chloe Bridgewater, daughter of Andy Bridgewater who’s currently working as Regional Sales Manager for one of the private companies at Hereford, UK.

Chloe’ is fonder of Google who always follows and sees images of Google offices with their bean bags, go karts and slides. Finally, she decided to write letter to Google in expectation of job. Why she did that and what made her to do that, is painful. Because, she lost her confidence after meeting with car accident a couple of years ago.

Take a look at her cute letter to Google boss:
More surprisingly, she got a revert from Google on 3rd of Feb 2017 with a formal written letter undersigned by Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google Inc. himself. She is more delighted after receiving this letter to encourage her to keep working hard, to follow her dreams and accomplish everything she set in her mind.

A revert from Sundar Pichai:

Isn’t she so cute? 
Andy Bridgewater has thanked Mr. Sundar Pichai, for taking his time out an…

21st Century Indian Kids, Whose Achievements are Awe-Inspiring

I believe this topic is totally out of my usual writings. Even though, i choose to write because i love kids and my daughter.

Most of us are grown up after passing through that one stage which is Childhood. And we always feel about those very special days that aren't going to come back.

But, in this 21st century the kids are outsmart! Who have decided to make difference in the world by achieving success at very young age and they may not regret in future about their childhood days

Below are 21st century Indian kids, for such instance:

These kids are true inspiration and their achievements are awe-inspiring to many of us at their age levels, despite many challenges and bounds.
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Top 10 Big Data Analytics Events You Should Attend in 2017

Data Science and Big Data Analytics are the most trending search terms across various regions. The interest over Big Data is soaring since past five years (2011-2016)of tenure as per Google Trends analysis.

Gartner's survey reveals, during 2016-2017 more than 75% of companies are planning to invest in the big data. Considering this reality and market analysis, i am listing the 'top 10 Big Data Analytics events and conferences in 2017' that you should consider to attend
Why you should attend these Big Data events and conferences? 2017 is the year of intelligence and most promising year for Big Data solution providers, below are the few main reasons to justify that fact:
You get to know and learn on, how to leverage big data analytics for your businessLearn how you can engage customers with advanced analyticsThe more complex is the data, businesses are in need of most advanced analytics Collaborate with exhibitors across the world and speakers from vast domain expertiseAmple…