21st Century Indian Kids, Whose Achievements are Awe-Inspiring

21st Century kids and their achievements
21st Century Kids
I believe this topic is totally out of my usual writings. Even though, i choose to write because i love kids and my daughter.

Most of us are grown up after passing through that one stage which is Childhood. And we always feel about those very special days that aren't going to come back.

But, in this 21st century the kids are outsmart! Who have decided to make difference in the world by achieving success at very young age and they may not regret in future about their childhood days

Below are 21st century Indian kids, for such instance:

These kids are true inspiration and their achievements are awe-inspiring to many of us at their age levels, despite many challenges and bounds.
If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow By John Dewey (American Educational Reformer)

Harshwardhan Zala

Harshwardhan Zala
Harshwardhan Zala (14yrs)
Harshwardhan was in news recently for signing an MoU worth of Rs.5-Crore with the Gujarat state government at the locale event called 'the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017'. His father Pradhyumansinh Zala who's working as an accountant with one of the plastic company in Naroda, Ahmedabad. 

A Class 10 student at 14yrs of his age, has signed an agreement with Department of Science and Technology, Government for Gujarat to assist production of drones which will help to detect and defuse land mines on Indian war fields.

Kumar Gaurav and Saurabh

Kumar Gaurav and Saurabh
Kumar Gaurav (In the middle with trophy) Saurabh (on Kumar's Left)
Kumar Gaurav is 16yrs and Saurabh is of 14yrs age. They are studying in Class 10 and Class 8 respectively, these kids have learnt chess through Skype. Kumar is the guy, who has mortgaged his house to learn chess. And now he has the potential to become India’s next Grandmaster! In Chess

Recently, Kumar became the Junior Chess Champion at the ‘National Junior Championship’ at Andhra Pradesh, India.

They need your support, read more about them at: He Mortgaged His House, Learnt Chess over Skype. Now He Might Become India’s next Grandmaster!

Anvitha Vijay

Anvitha Vijay
Anvitha Vijay (Apple's youngest app developer)
Meet her, the Apple's youngest app developer at 9yrs of her age developed an application called Smartkins Animals (Free to download) which teaches children on animal's name by their pics, learn educational flashcards with interactive recording. She has developed one more application called Smartkins Rainbow 

Had no training on coding, learnt all by herself watching YouTube video tutorials and today she's in news at USA TODAY's YouTube channel. Anvitha is of Indian origin girl currently who lives in Australia

Learn more about Anvitha: Meet Apple's youngest app developer. She's nine

Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran
21st Century's Youngest Genius CEO Bro's Shravan (left) Sanjay (right)
I would call them 21st century's Youngest Genious CEO Bro's. Shravan (12yrs) and Sanjay (10yrs) are two brothers from Chennai, Tamil Nadu who has founded their software company during 2012 called GoDimensions

A company has developed multiple mobile applications that are available in Apple's app store to download. Out of many applications they have developed, an app called Alphabet Board which has got four and half star rating on the app store. Watch their speech at TEDx 

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