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9 extraordinary Facebook home page features that you need to discover today

Little background Facebook web home page UI, has been evolved over a period of eight years since March 2009 - the time when Facebook had announced its new home page updates. Today, there are many features and choices which you can control with home page, if you know how to set them right. For instance, you can choose to see ‘top stories’ and ‘most recent’ post updates on your news feed or edit preferences further. Similarly, there are many such features that I will take you through step-by-step right below
Choice of information  We all have our own choice of information and tastes in life. We normally tend to see, watch, read and feel things that are interesting and real-time for us. Similarly, Facebook is really working hard from many years to understand, how people present themselves? what do they remember? whom do they trust? and how they seek different set of information on their newsfeed? So, to give us more control over information that we seek and read on a daily basis, Facebo…

Five different ways to use Facebook graph search effectively

Are you looking for specific topics that are trending on Facebook?
Would you like to know, how to improve your page followers?
Want to analyze, how your competitors are engaging with different audience? 
Then, you just need to search like a ninja with Graph Search, a search engine or inbuilt feature that Facebook has rolled out during March 2013 i.e. exactly three years ago from now. The reason to introduce this tool is to make it simpler for users’ type-in natural language unlike list of links with specific or rendered keywords. Currently, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users across the globe so, the Graph search brings-in such complex and subtle data in an explicit ways to its users. According to Facebook user statistics, a very popular feature of Facebook is the 'Like button' - Statista The graph search mainly focuses and extracts information within a user's’ network or friends circle. During its initial days of launch, the additional search results were extra…

8 most effective social media search engines for content marketers

Billions of them are active right now! Before we bang start on those 8 most effective social media search engines, let’s understand few findings about social media presence online. It is astonishing to know that there are over 200 plus social media networking sites active currently across the globe. But, evidently very few of them are popular with active audience being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine are the some popular and renowned names. As per recent stats by, Facebook alone has got 1.87 billion monthly active users; and it has been identified as first social media platform to surpass one billion registered accounts. Also, current market leader too.
Why am I bugging you? Are you wondering! Why am I bugging you with these stats? Here is the answer; Imagine, if all those active users worldwide are creating and posting content every millisecond time across every active social media platform, how do we monitor in…