8 most effective social media search engines for content marketers

8 most effective social media search engines for content marketers

Billions of them are active right now!

Before we bang start on those 8 most effective social media search engines, let’s understand few findings about social media presence online. It is astonishing to know that there are over 200 plus social media networking sites active currently across the globe. But, evidently very few of them are popular with active audience being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine are the some popular and renowned names. As per recent stats by Statista.com, Facebook alone has got 1.87 billion monthly active users; and it has been identified as first social media platform to surpass one billion registered accounts. Also, current market leader too.

Why am I bugging you?

Are you wondering! Why am I bugging you with these stats? Here is the answer; Imagine, if all those active users worldwide are creating and posting content every millisecond time across every active social media platform, how do we monitor in real-time that what they are discussing online? 

In-fact there are many active users who are creating different types of content that includes textual, visual, pictorial etc. The question is how do we curate such huge bunch of content through regular search?

The list of those 8 

So, that’s where we have these 8 most effective social media search engines which can make things happen for you. The way we could drill-down the real-time content from social media search engines may not be that easy in regular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.

1. BuzzSumo

As the name sounds big, ‘BuzzSumo’ is my first choice for curating most shared content by key influences across different social media platforms. This tool will help you analyze, what type of content is doing good and performs best for any topic or competition. It’s one of the most essential tool for content marketers that will help to promote content better than the competition
Buzzsumo tool screen
It’s a search engine for real-time social media search and analysis of the influential content from different platforms. You need to enter a search keyword and select the list of content types such as blogs, micro-blogs, images, videos etc. Social Mention will be able to give results with source and time of publishing. On LHS of search results page, you can also find topic engagement and trend
Social mention search engine screen
This tool is a total solution for web, social media and more to monitor products, brand, customers, competitors, campaigns and industry market insights. Mention offers social media monitoring/listening, brand tracking and web monitoring to know what people are talking about you and business.

4. Social Searcher

Social searcher is a free social media search engine. Good part of this search engine is, filtered data can be exported as CSV document across major social media platforms and you can set email alerts too

5. Pipl

Search engine on people search for business users and their presence across different social media platforms. This social media search engine is also called as world’s largest people search engine. Search can be done using email address, social username, location or phone number
pipl social media search engine screen
Nicely designed tagboard! This is a hashtag search engine that shows results based on trending hashtags and results are curated from selected social media platforms. Here content is curated exclusively out of listed networks such as twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Vine and Flickr
tagboard hashtag search engine screen
Talkwalker is another hashtag search engine and social data intelligence platform where you to get in-depth analytics and insights through its premium version. You can use free version, to track your campaigns and hashtags in real-time
talkwalker screen
As Wajam says, what you and your friend share matters. Indeed, it really does and this tool / browser extension which is not for free

Last but not the least (the rest)


Anoox is the non-profit search engine and social networking site. The human powered search engine that can be used as a directory too


Dotmos is a search engine for everything and to discover something new. But, the glitch is somehow I feel search results are not well curated here.

Whos Talkin

In-fact this social media search engine won’t talk much. So, I’m referring this at last. Topics or conversations you search are drilled down from various content resources such as blogs, news, network's, videos, images, forums and tags. All the best unless you’ve good bandwidth since, the page speed is at lower end


Social media search engines play an exclusive role for social media listening, content curation and understand the market trends. These search engines and tools can be more useful for content marketers to trigger web traffic and know their competition better

At the end

I sincerely request with you to leave your message/feedback down there about this blog post. I’ve just begun and surely will improve my writing skills


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