9 extraordinary Facebook home page features that you need to discover today

9 extraordinary Facebook home page features that you need to discover

Little background

Facebook web home page UI, has been evolved over a period of eight years since March 2009 - the time when Facebook had announced its new home page updates. Today, there are many features and choices which you can control with home page, if you know how to set them right. For instance, you can choose to see ‘top stories’ and ‘most recent’ post updates on your news feed or edit preferences further. Similarly, there are many such features that I will take you through step-by-step right below

Choice of information 

We all have our own choice of information and tastes in life. We normally tend to see, watch, read and feel things that are interesting and real-time for us. Similarly, Facebook is really working hard from many years to understand, how people present themselves? what do they remember? whom do they trust? and how they seek different set of information on their newsfeed? So, to give us more control over information that we seek and read on a daily basis, Facebook has updated many of its home page features.

List of extraordinary features

Below are the list of, some extraordinary Facebook home page features that you can explore today

1. News Feed

This is an interesting feature, where you can choose the ‘most recent’ information or ‘top stories’ for real-time. To custom your choices further, select ‘edit preferences’ and you'll see a pop-up to have more control over your news feed customization. Once after you set-up news feed choice of information, you’ll see subscribed stream of information or posts in the beginning and remaining at last

2. Shortcuts

Who don’t look for shortcuts? because, that’s how one can reach the desired destination quickly to save some time. So, the shortcuts section on Facebook home page is deliberately allowing users to access their quick links to few of their pages, groups and favorite games easily. You can choose to edit your list of quick link shortcuts, based on priorities such as ‘sorted automatically’ i.e. by default, ‘pinned to top’ that’s is shown always on top and ‘hidden from shortcuts’ it’s to hide. This choice of quick links would save more of your time consumption in accessing them

Edit shortcuts and custom your Facebook home page
3. Explore more

'Shortcuts' section is not the last one, there is much more to explore on Facebook’s home page. The 'Explore' section has a long-list of navigations like recently saved content or links, events, groups, pages, on this day memory, friends list, pokes (almost being ignored), insights, photos, manage apps, games, moments, suggest edits, offers, translate Facebook and the list goes on…

Explore for more navigation options 
4. Create

Create section on home page lets you set-up new advertising campaigns, business pages, personal groups and new events as handy. This features is right after explore section
Create ad campaigns, pages, groups and events

An interesting fact

Facebook scroll has an end, it’s very much possible to reach the end of your scrolling when you set-up new account without any friends list. The scrolling on Facebook profile depends on how many friends are there in your list, and how many stories or post links you have subscribed for your news feed. The more you have friends and feeds, scrolling takes miles to reach the end but, you'll surely get there.
Now, take up the challenge and comment below, how much scroll and time it took for you to reach the end?

5. Create a Post

Creating a post on Facebook home page, is lot more fun and interesting at the same time. There are ample amount of functionalities concealed within this feature that can make your post look and feel good as well

On home page, one can post a text/link/video/photo album by selecting Check in, tagging specific friends and your feeling or activity about the post. Meantime you can opt for ‘Go live’ too. 

There is one more new addition to the bouquet recently i.e. ‘Background color’, this option will let you choose few pre-defined background colors where you type text upon them (Note: there’s limit on post text up-to 130 characters). This feature is also available for mobile app users, you must try it!

6. Post level settings

Post level settings are for each post on your newsfeed. On every post you’ll find a ‘chevron button’ that acts as drop-down with editing options which is shown in screenshot. It’s a user’s choice to customize and control each post like hiding a post or hiding everything from that page

And the last option on this drop down is, ‘Advanced Settings/show in tab’ which would open a post in whole new tab and alert you with notifications.

7. Your Pages

‘You pages’ section on the LHS of Facebook homepage, would show all your favorite and managed page updates and recent posts. If you do not wish to see this section, it can be hidden by reversing the arrow button upside down

Manage your pages

8. Ticker

Ticker is mainly for showing all your friends recent activities feed on Facebook, when they like someone’s posts or shared something or commented on post or adding known to friends list etc. If you do not wish to see this section, it can also be hidden by reversing the arrow button upside down

Ticker sidebar for friends activity feed

9. Trending News

Trending news section is all about day-to-day updates and top trending news from across the world listed under different categories such as politics, science and technology, sports and entertainment

Trending news


Facebook has many such features that each one of us could learn daily and understand. Unless we discover something new every day our information and knowledge might become obsolete someday.

So, I am almost ending with this last feature. But, if there are more features that you could notice please let me know with your valuable feedback. Probably, I would've missed-out or not come to my notice yet. Together all of us can learn this way

One last request

I hope you found this blog useful and educative. Kindly, share this blog and support me to write more such blogs and to improve writing skill


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