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Top 30 supercool instagram features to optimize your account [Free Guide]

Download a free guide on top 30 Instagram features to optimize your account
Are you new to Instagram? Wondering how to use most of the Instagram features?

Then, download these slides, to find out top 30 super-cool features that you're probably not using yet.

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Top 30 supercool instagram features to optimize your account from PRAVEEN KUMAR BK


How to write a feature rich answers and posts on Quora

How do you know quoraQuora is one of the engaged distinctive website, where questions asked and knowledge shared by its users. You can ask questions and connect with people to contribute their knowledge.

If you know how to write a feature rich answers and posts on Quora, you can transform it into a traffic driving machine to your website or blog. As on March-2016 Quora had 100 million monthly unique visitors because it claims. That is far better than Google plus I feel.

Quora has many opportunities to learn and share knowledge. In case you’re a learner then you can choose to write blogs, posts, ask questions and write answers. In-fact this blog post is an inspiration out of my regular engagement at Quora.
Try not to fake, be honest and credible On Quora, always try to write fair and solid responses for questions that you follow.

You may see a lot of questions prompted to you, in view of your interests and categories you follow. Everything relies upon, how you choose your questions an…

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO | Tips and Tools

To build an effective or impactful SEO strategy, you need to have strong and result oriented keywords researched. So, how to do keyword research for SEO? Find the below five easy and effective ways to do keyword research for SEO on your business web:

Five easy ways to do Keyword research for SEO (Tips and Tools) First, act as user: You need to be or act as user and search on Google, Bing search engines for keywords related to your business. For instance, if I search for “Digital Marketing institutions in Bangalore” I can find a search suggest drop-down list of keywords on search box (See in below depict).

Those are the most useful and related keywords that are already been searched by millions of users, being suggested by Google prominently. So, write-down or make a note of all those first 5/10 keywords.

Now, open Google AdWords - Keyword Planner and search each keyword, pick the ones that are relevant, high in search volume and with low competition. List them on spreadsheet and orde…

5 free online email extractors to search email addresses for your business

Behind the scenes It’s a known fact to us that, the companies from different industry verticals across the globe are still relied on Email Marketing irrespective of B2B/B2C/C2B/C2C firms. And Email marketing is not dead rather flourishing with the increasing use of smartphones and devices. For instance, find the below survey on ‘important objectives of an email list growth strategy researched by Ascend2

So, above depict clearly portrays the future of email marketing in the year 2017 that, future is of interactive emails.

Below specified are the recent and highly innovative free online email extractors or tools to search and validate any corporate email ID’s with a given person name or a company domain where he/she’s working. These tools are totally free to use with some limitations and not software at all
It’s called a bear hunt for the valid contact. ‘Hunter’ will help you search for the most relevant contact of any corporate person or working professionals. It’s available on …