How To Do Keyword Research For SEO | Tips and Tools

How to do keyword research for seo - tips and tools to use

To build an effective or impactful SEO strategy, you need to have strong and result oriented keywords researched. So, how to do keyword research for SEO? Find the below five easy and effective ways to do keyword research for SEO on your business web:

Five easy ways to do Keyword research for SEO (Tips and Tools)

First, act as user:

You need to be or act as user and search on Google, Bing search engines for keywords related to your business. For instance, if I search for “Digital Marketing institutions in Bangalore” I can find a search suggest drop-down list of keywords on search box (See in below depict).

Google keyword research, search suggest drop-down 

Those are the most useful and related keywords that are already been searched by millions of users, being suggested by Google prominently. So, write-down or make a note of all those first 5/10 keywords.

Now, open Google AdWords - Keyword Planner and search each keyword, pick the ones that are relevant, high in search volume and with low competition. List them on spreadsheet and order in a descending way i.e. largest to smallest search volumes

Second, related search results:

Whenever you search for a keyword on Google/ Bing, apart from search results you will also find related searches listed right in the bottom of search engines. Pick all of them and analyze each one for search volume and competition. Now, list relevant keywords on spreadsheet in a descending order (See the below depict)

Google Keyword related research results

Third, follow the trends:

Use Google Trends, it’s one of the web facility for its users, to find-out popularity of search term across various regions of globe in various language. Explore topics relevant to your business with different search-terms, the results are totally based on search popularity.

Fourth, phone a friend:

Ask your friends and relatives “What would they search on Google, Bing if they have to find your/related businesses?” or do a small survey with your known network to understand their views of search. Make a list of those search-terms and analyze on Keyword Planner
If you opt for PRO/paid versions with any of the above tools, the results are going to be splendid and vast


Keyword research is an awesome job, if you know the ways and means of using different methods and exploring tools. SEO with relevant, result-oriented, targeted keyword research would fetch excellent outcome for your work.


Feel free to leave your feedback and let me know if you know any-more methods of doing keyword research differently. Let's together learn and share the knowledge 

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