How to write a feature rich answers and posts on Quora

How to write a feature rich answers and posts on Quora

How do you know quora

Quora is one of the engaged distinctive website, where questions asked and knowledge shared by its users. You can ask questions and connect with people to contribute their knowledge.

If you know how to write a feature rich answers and posts on Quora, you can transform it into a traffic driving machine to your website or blog. As on March-2016 Quora had 100 million monthly unique visitors because it claims. That is far better than Google plus I feel.

Quora has many opportunities to learn and share knowledge. In case you’re a learner then you can choose to write blogs, posts, ask questions and write answers. In-fact this blog post is an inspiration out of my regular engagement at Quora.
Try not to fake, be honest and credible
On Quora, always try to write fair and solid responses for questions that you follow.

You may see a lot of questions prompted to you, in view of your interests and categories you follow. Everything relies upon, how you choose your questions and how best you’re in answering that question. Questions asked to you based on the skills you know about and had replied sometime before

Keep in mind! 

There are users who ask questions that are not phrased properly, do not overlook instead try answering such questions since, they are the ones who seek genuine answers and might become your followers

In action

There are many individuals at Quora who is contributing their knowledge and gaining great response to their answers, to name few:

Ernest W. Adams 

Ernest W. Adams 

Katerina Simms 

Katerina Simms

Adam August

Adam August

Steve Michael

Steve Michael

My freebie tips and tricks 

Follow these tips and tricks, to write feature rich answers and posts to get more views on Quora:

  1. Choose not less than one query to answer every day that you’re great at it.
  2. Pick one topic or skill category each week and answer queries
  3. Do not fake your answers, always attempt to contribute legitimate thoughts and knowledge
  4. Write your answers in details, which would educate others and make them understand
  5. Make use of pictures, screenshots or any topic oriented depicts if they are vital for your post or answer
  6. Make best utilization of, compose options of a toolbar:
Quora answer composing box

You can modify the style of your post with Bold, Italic and Italic with Bold

  1. Bullet points
  • And
↑ Upload an image or screenshot

Create Anchor links

Write answers in style

Mention a topic @Technology or your follower @Suresh Babu

Reference to HTML/Java/CSS code reference, just in case you're a tech savvy 

Write or paste a programming code

Share your answers or posts on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook

Sharing answers on Twitter and Facebook

All above indicated features can be of great help. So, make best use of them while composing your answers or posts. These options provide nice impression to readers and may draw additional views!

Take a note

This article is one of the ways to enhance your post or answer views on Quora. But, there are other algorithmic hacks you need to understand as well.

How about we learn and share!

I trust, this blog post might help you in getting additional views for your answers. Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and let me know your considerations on this post

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