How to export twitter followers to excel file for free

export twitter followers to excel
How to export twitter followers to excel file for free

Do you have many followers on twitter?

Looking to export, list of your twitter followers to excel?

Wish to know, who’s your potential follower out of all?

What about having their name, location, handles, profile link etc.?

However, exporting your twitter followers manually is, like a mine tour of the long tunnel gold mine. Scrolling your profile from top to bottom and sorting them one by one.

If you know the right ways or free hacks, task is simple and so damn easy. Thus,

I have mentioned some easy methods below, to export entire list of twitter followers to spreadsheet along with their name, account status, bio, profile handle, user followers count, location, last tweeted status and more info.

Four easy methods to export list of your twitter followers

1. Twlets Chrome Extension

Export twitter followers to excel with Twlets [twitter to excel], it’s a free Google Chrome extension. Export a comprehensive list of yours or export someone else's twitter followers list, with first 5000 download credits.

Also, get anyone's tweets, followers, following, likes, videos, and more into your spreadsheet with one click, follow below steps:

  • Search Twlets chrome extension on Web Store 
  • Install Twlets extension
  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Choose your Twitter follower page 
  • Click the Twlets browser extension and export a list to excel

The quality of this data is excellent and would help all social media managers for their activities

Twlets Chrome Extension
The sample list would look like, as depicted below:

twitter sample followers list
sample list of twitter followers

2. Electoral

Electoral is a web-based application, which lets you manage your Twitter followers lists with name, their following, # of tweets, last tweet, bio etc.
This app offers 14 days trial period for free, to export twitter followers list to excel.


3. Scout Zen

Scout Zen is another web app, where you can create your +New Scout, to export first 1000 followers list for free. You can upgrade to starter plan of 7 days free trial period.

You will not be charged anything during the 7-day trial period and can cancel or downgrade the plan. Everything in the Free plan included are: Unarchive any scout within limit; Filter, sort, analyze all results; Sync results to Twitter lists; Export up to 100,000 results

Scout Zen
Scout Zen

4. Simplymeasured

It is a website designed for social media analytics wherein they offer free twitter analytics. Also, they are offering this service to export a list of up-to 10,000 followers for free. In returns, you need to follow their account to export your followers.

Apart from the above specified free resources, there are many paid solutions available to analyze such as, CrowdbabbleTwExListSimplymeasured to prepare a comprehensive list of your audience insights

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