Top 20 free content analysis tools to measure website effectiveness

top 20 free content analysis tools
Top 20 free content analysis tools to measure website effectiveness

"In Digital Marketing, ‘Content analysis’ is vital for your website. It’s essential for quantifying the effectiveness of text, audio, visual content and so on. Let’s learn, the top 20 free content analysis tools below, which can help you with that significantly."
Starting is always a hitch! 
You might ponder, why I said that? Since, it’s a typical tendency of people who fear of starting anything new [Procrastination].

Precisely couple of years ago, I was in a similar mode to start my first blog article. I am always apprehensive, of conveying new and fresh content to my readers which interests them.
Anyhow, as days passed by I have developed my writing skills. Started choosing different topics with few being uncommon blog articles.

Having said that, I have picked this topic on “Top 20 free content analysis tools” to enlighten those you few, who are new to Digital Marketing.

For me, traditionally the term ‘CONTENT’ is a vintage term. Why because, since the ages we are using content in one form or the other, for example: art, publications, music, billboards, speech, writing etc. Thus, the medium of using content since years has been evolved.
From print to computerized and from being hard to soft forms of publications. I mean today, content is King of every single Digital Platforms like, Internet, podcasts, TV, e-magazines, CD/DVD’s in the form of audio and visual supplies.

But, if you are an individual blogger or organization, how do you analyze the effectiveness of content/is your content effective for the end-user? 

To find out, learn these below “Top 20 free content analysis tools to measure your website content effectiveness”:

Top free content analysis tools for SEO

1. Yoast SEO: 

Are you using WordPress Content Management System (CMS)? Because, many industry experts recommend this tool. It’s a free tool or a plugin that you can install and use for real time content analysis.
With this tool you could analyze search snippet preview, Meta tags, title tags, keywords density, links and the entire content assessment. Likewise, you can get free SEO tips regularly with subscription

yoast seo
Yoast SEO analyser

2. SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel: 

People in Digital Marketing are familiar with Neil Patel, he’s a Co-Founder of KISSmetrics & CrazyEgg, and he has his site called to mentor people regularly about increasing website traffic. So, SEO Analyzer is one of his free tools which will help you analyze complete website SEO

seo analyzer
SEO analyzer by Neil Patel

3. Bing SEO Analyzer: 

Most webmasters and Digital Marketing folks are aware of Bing SEO Analyzer as it is a part of Bing webmaster tools. Bing Analyzer will help and scan any given URL and builds a detailed report for a verified website. If you have a verified domain then you must try

bing seo analyzer
Bing SEO analyzer

4. MOZ Free SEO Tools: 

MOZ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which has SEO, Analytics and Inbound Marketing software.
Also, MOZ has some free SEO tools such as keyword explorer, open site explorer and on page metrics with browser extension. So, you could try these tools for website content analysis free of charge initial 30 days.

moz seo tools
MOZ Free SEO tool

5. Small SEO Tools: 

All tools available in this site are 100% Free! There are close to 120 different tools to examine different types of content analysis activities.
For instance, SEO tools (text content tools), images editing tools, keywords tools, backlink tools,  website management tools, website tracking tools, proxy tools, domains tools, meta tags tools, password management tools, online PDF tools.

small seo tools

Free website audit tools 

6. HubSpot's Website Grader:  

It’s a free online tool for overall website content analysis, to provide some key metrics such as, web score, SEO, mobile, responsiveness, security, performance, page speed etc. This tool is available 30 days for free

hubspot website grader
HubSpot Website Grader

7. SEM Rush: 

SEM Rush is an all in one integrated Marketing toolkit for Digital Marketing professionals. Just enter your website domain to have site page audit, on page SEO and details such as, organic search, paid search, backlinks, display advertising, top organic keywords and in-depth details can be analyzed.

sem rush
SEM Rush for site audit

8. Google Search Console:

Search console is a core tool for any digital marketing professional to manage a website and to monitor Google search results data such as, website indexing, site crawling, sitemap submission, robots.txt, number of link clicks, inbound and outbound links etc.

google search console
Google Search Console

9. SEOptimer: 

SEOptimer is a website review and free SEO audit tool which will quick and simple SEO audit of any website. Enter the domain and get free SEO analysis to improve on page SEO, test any sub page, SEO tips for your website and more


10. Quick Sprout Website Analysis:     

Analyze title, description, headings and images with the help of this tool. You can analyze the web page, optimize for SEO after that save your changes and publish it. 

Quick Sprout Website Analysis

Free keyword analysis tools

11. Google Keyword Planner: 

Keyword planner is essential part of Google AdWords tool. Since its launch on Oct 2000, AdWords tool has been evolved exponentially for advertisers.
Even Keyword planner too, with this tool you can research and find right set of keywords to target your ads and website SEO. This tool will improve your internet marketing efforts greatly

google keyword planner
Google Keyword Planner

12. Bing Keyword Research Tool: 

It’s a simple tool for keyword research, if you enter a phrase that allows you to understand the volume of searches happen. And you can search multiple keywords at the same time by sorting country or language. These results are based on Bing search engine

bing keyword research tool
Bing Keyword research tool

13. MOZ Keyword explorer

Keyword explorer is a free content analysis tool for keywords overview which provides the search volume, the difficulty score of a keyword, organic CTR (Click Through Rate), and the priority score of your keyword.
Alongside, this tools also provide you SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis with PA (Page Authority) & DA (Domain Authority) results.

moz keyword explorer
MOZ keyword explorer

14. WordStream Free Keyword Tool:

This tool makes fast and easy for you to analyze new keywords, that are needed to drive good amount of traffic from organic and paid search.

wordstream free keyword tool
WordStream Free Keyword Tool

15. Ubersuggest:

It’s one of the free tool offered by Neil Patel on his website, suggests you keywords with volume, CPC, competition etc. You can sort your search with phrase, category, country for accurate and relevant results


Free web data analytics tools

16. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is essential search engine tool for digital marketing professionals, to measure entire web data analytics for free.
One can measure, the number of users visiting your site, number of sessions that have happened during the given time, traffic acquisition from different sources such as organic, social, direct, promotional etc. There’s enormous amount of info, that can be measured with this tool

google analytics
Google Analytics

17. Bing Webmaster tools:

This is a free tool from Bing search engine, allows you to connect your website and analyze the index crawling activity. Essential for webmasters and digital marketing personnel

bing webmaster tools
Bing webmaster tools

18. Yandex Webmaster tools:

Yandex is a Russian based company and largest search engine with 65% market share. It’s a fourth largest search engine in the world available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Yandex webmaster is one of its free tool to measure statistics

yandex webmaster tools
Yandex Webmaster Tools

19. Woopra:

Woopra is one of the real time customer analytics tool to track website and mobile activity, forms, emails etc.


20. Clicky:

Track user behavior on a website to analyze, monitor, and react to traffic in real time. The Heatmaps feature of this tool is excellent
Apart from these 20 free content analysis tools, there are many other options with PRO version subscription. 

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If you know more free tools, feel free to comment below. 

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