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How to Use Smart Compose Gmail Feature to Autocomplete Emails

smart compose gmail
Smart Compose Gmail

100 Things

Google has recently announced 100 things at the recent I/O'18 - a three days developer festival, held at California from May 8th till 11th, 2018. 


One of the main product update is Google's smart compose Gmail feature, as their new feature powered by AI - Artificial Intelligence. The all new Gmail account is smart compose feature enabled to write email faster.

The Smart Compose

The new smart compose feature on Gmail helps you save your time by stopping your repetitive writing such as typing consistent.

This feature will reduce the chances of spelling errors or any grammatical errors like before. With smart compose all you can do is, just keep on typing and rest happens smartly.

Technology at its peak

There is a famous saying in technology that goes like this,

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. - By Dean Kamen

As he rightly said, I feel that resonates here now with Google announcing all 100 things at once. These are really hell of a lot things to inculcate for sure.

Confidential Mode

There are few other updates as well such as, Confidential Mode that allows you to send messages and attachments to protect any sensitive information.

Gmail Screenshot to depict confidential mode

You can set limitations to recipients on what they can do with your email. Such as, forwarding, copy or paste, download, print email content by setting an expiry date, requiring SMS passcode and so on.

Add-ons from G Suite Marketplace

With a new Gmail, you can install Add-ons to new sidebar navigation from G Suite Marketplace, that will help improve your productivity.

Gmail add ons using g suite marketplace
Add-ons on Gmail account
Add-ons such as, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Tasks and select many such under different categories.

Snooze your Emails

New Gmail account has a feature to 'Snooze' your emails and reminders, a feature that temporarily removes your snoozed emails from your inbox until you need them back. You can Snooze emails on any given day in the future, it may be tomorrow, during any day of the week or weekend or you can pick the custom date and time.

Snooze emails on gmail
Email Snooze Feature on Gmail

The all new Gmail is Here

The Google's updates to all new Gmail are undeniably interesting! Now let's learn, how to upgrade from your current Gmail to all new 2018 Gmail with smart composing feature?

Let's rundown step-by-step:

Step #1
  • Login to your Gmail that has classic view and click on the 'Settings' gear icon as shown below
The new gmail 2018
Upgrading to New Gmail

Step #2
  • Select the very first option "Try the new Gmail"
Try the new Gmail
Try the new Gmail
Step #3
  • Experience your new Gmail account with improved UI and features
New Gmail 2018
The new Gmail 2018 is here
Step #4 
  • Enabling smart compose feature at your Settings >> General section
  • As shown in the image below, scroll down to 'Smart Compose' feature and check the option - Writing suggestions on. Then, after that you're able to get the predictive writing suggestions while composing an email to your recipients, this feature has been enabled with the help of AI
Setup smart compose feature on gmail
Setup Smart Compose on Gmail
Step #5
  • Compose your first email to test the smartness behind, check out below image
Smart compose feature
Composing emails smartly with the help of Google AI
Hurry!!! don't wait to switchover to new Gmail.

  • This article is for individual account holders on Gmail and not for G suite users.
  • Part of this article's content is original posted on LinkedIn "The New Gmail and Smart Compose of 2018", it has been Tweaked and republished
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Thanks for reading!

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