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Major Google Algorithm Updates Since 2000 for Your SEO

Find below, all major Google Algorithm changes history, penalties, resources, links and updates. An ultimate cheat sheet compiled starting from 2000.Introduction to AlgorithmsIt's predefined on Wikipedia, 'Algorithms are set of rules that can perform calculation, data processing, automated reasoning tasks and problem solving operations by a computer.'
What are Google Algorithm updates? In simple terms, Google Algorithms are called search algorithms that are identified by code names. When a user searches a query on Google seeking for an answer, Google needs to sort through millions and billions of web pages from its search index, to give relevant and useful results within fraction of seconds {About 20,80,00,000 results (0.52 seconds)} Thus, Google has a ranking systems which are made up of a series of algorithms. They analyze and understand your query, to return with relevant and useful information.

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