50 Free Online SEO Tools for Website Ranking [All Time Proven Best]

50 Free online SEO tools
50 Free online SEO tools for website ranking

Discover this list of top 50 free online SEO tools, that can amplify your website ranking across different search engines and bring excellent inbound traffic. Learn more

"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them." - Steve Jobs 

Hola friends, how you all are doing?

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Do you know? I've been composing blogs from last couple of months on lists, tips, tools, some valuable and educative articles and so forth. On a good note, i want to produce some effective list of resources to my blog readers.

When we talk about tools, they are extremely useful to work smarter and faster online. Having right tools such as, social media automation tools, seo tools, marketing automation tools, data analytics tools which improves productivity at work and boosts your website traffic.

And, there are plenty of tools [free and paid] available online. For Digital Marketers like me, it's highly essential to learn and get hands on experience at work.  But, where to find free tools? Which ones are essential? How to learn without subscribing? Don't chew on, it's not the end of the story. Stay put!

According to Statista, in 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion. Thus, your first priority right now is to improve your website rankings with mobile-first indexing.

In Digital Marketing, website designing is not the ultimate work. Technically, you need to build your web for different devices, optimize it for top search engines, target demography, enhance to screen resolution and ensure timely delivery with least loading time on different browsers. So, ultimately you need to focus more towards user experience.

Hence, find this sought after list that i have collected for weeks and validated to have it best. These tools will fulfil most your Search Engine Optimization needs, for both desktop and mobile websites.

All time proven best, 50 free online SEO tools to enhance your website ranking: 

Expecting, you will find this list useful.

Sl. No.Tool NameCategoryPurpose
1PageSpeed InsightsWeb PerformanceTo analyze the content of a web page, and generate suggestions to make that page faster
2GTmetrixWeb PerformanceTo analyze your page's speed performance. Using PageSpeed and YSlow
3PingdomWeb PerformanceUse this tool to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster
4Keycdn Website Speed TestContent Delivery Network (CDN)To deliver content to your users at a blazing fast speed
5Google Mobile Friendly TestMobile Page PerformanceTo test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device
6Webpage TestWebsite Speed TestTo run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe
7Google Analytics Site SpeedSite Speed DataTo analyze page timings and speed suggestions reports
8YSlowWeb PerformanceYSlow analyzes web pages and why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance web sites
9Varvy Page SpeedPage Speed OptimizationTo optimize page speed of website
10Google Test My Site ToolMobile Website Speed TestTo perform a mobile website speed test with the Test My Site tool
11Lighthouse AuditingWeb AuditingTo audit for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more
12SEMrush AuditingWeb AuditingTo get your first 100-page audit for free in 5 minutes!
13SEO SiteCheckupSEO ToolIt's comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tool
14WoorankSEO AuditingWebsite analysis tool to track and connect your marketing data
15SEOMATORSEO AuditingFree SEO audit tool to analyse and see how SEO-friendly your web is
16SEO AnalyzerSEO AuditingTo point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase rankings
17SEOptimerSEO AuditingHelpful to get free website analysis
18SitecheckerSEO AuditingTo improve your SEO rating
19Bing SEO AnalyzerSEO AuditingTo identify issues in your web pages, with suggestions and how to fix them
20Yandex MetricaWebsite AuditingTo optimize user experience of your website
21Google Webmaster Tools/Search ConsoleSearch PerformanceTo help you measure your site's search traffic, performance and fix issues
22Bing Webmaster ToolsSearch PerformanceTo improve your site's performance in search and get reports
23Yandex Webmaster ToolsSearch Performance(Russia)To track statistics for queries that showed your site in search results
24Baidu Webmaster ToolsSearch Performance(China)To obtain free metrics for websites from China
25KeylogsGoogle Search Console Linked ToolGet better and easier google search console insights
26Keyword PlannerKeywords ResearchTo Search for words or phrases related to your products or services
27Bing Keyword ResearchKeywords ResearchTo find query volumes for phrases and keywords data that comes from organic search
28Anser The PublicKeyword Search InsightsTo extract simple visualisations of the data
29Google TrendsKeyword TrendsTo explore the search trends in a visual manner
30Keyword ToolKeyword ResearchTo use as alternative to Google Keyword planner
31Keyword Tool DominatorKeyword ToolTo use as Google autocomplete keyword tool
32Keyword FinderKeyword Research ToolTo find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty
33Google Dataset SearchKeyword Research ToolTo enable users to find datasets stored in thousands of repositories across the website
34Word TrackerKeyword Research ToolTo find competitors keywords, in-depth PPC and SEO insights
35Google CorrelateData Research ToolTo find searches that correlate with real-world data
36SEMrush Backlink ManagementBacklink Management ToolTo cover the full cycle of your backlink workflow
37MOZ Link ExplorerLink Research ToolTo get the data you need to do better link building research
38SmallSEOtoolsLink AnalyzerTo perform a routine link audit
39SEO Review ToolsLink BuildingTo find the best link building opportunities in Google
40Firebase Dynamic LinksLink BuildingTo customize your short link URL to make it more professional and contextual
41TheHothBacklink CheckerTo see the top backlinks pointing to a specific domain
42RankwatchBacklink CheckerTo have a complete analysis of your backlink profile for given domains
43Inbound Link CheckerLink AnalysisTo review your off-page SEO factor by viewing the list of quality inbound links
44Monitor BacklinksBacklink CheckerTo discover & monitor your SEO backlinks
45The SEO ToolsBacklink CheckerTo count the total number of backlinks already posted
46Aleyda SolisHreflang Tags GeneratorTo generate the hreflang tags for your multi-language site
47XML SitemapsSitemap CreatorTo create a sitemap for your website
48Google reCaptchaSpam ControlTo track abusive traffic on your website
49SEO OptimerRobots.txt GeneratorTo create free robots.txt file
50AlexaWebsite RankingTo find global and local page ranking

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If you want to know any other tools, I’d love to hear in the comments!

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