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how to unsave all saved posts on your Instagram profile at once
How to unsave all saved posts on your Instagram profile at once

Unsaving many pictures at once, that you have saved on Instagram was incomplete till now.

This one question has been haunting me for months now. At last, I could find a solution.

You need to believe me, that I had spent hours and weeks researching for the right solution. I had deactivated my account, shifted from business to personal account and what not. At last, all my efforts didn't go in vain 😅

Now, I have a piece of good news for all you Instagram lovers out there!💘

All this while you have been searching extensively [like me] on Google about 'how to unsave all saved posts on your Instagram profile at once' 

You might be having as many as 10K of them or outgrown your list. We all are aware, why we have saved those posts, even after realizing the fact there's no feature to unsave them all from your Instagram saved collections. With the existing feature, you can unsave post-by-post but not all at once. 

I personally hold close to 1000 posts which are of ads, interesting posts, and videos in my saved collection. Unsaving all your saved posts on Instagram is [was] not easy. Now, with the help of this wonderful tool, I can take you through the step-wise guide to unsave your posts

In case you wish to keep some and unsave only a few of them, this tool has the feature. 

Wondering! Which is this tool? I don't hold you back anymore

It's called 'Unsaver for Instagram' Yes, you heard it right! 👍 developed by thisismo on GitHub. Since it's a Google Chrome extension it works only on your desktop browser and certainly not on your smartphones. 

unsaver for instagram
Unsaver for Instagram Chrome Extension

How to use 'Unsaver for Instagram' to unsave posts all at once?

With Unsaver for Instagram, you can do mass post unsaving hassle free. 

It's an open-source Google Chrome extension meant for the purpose. However, to prevent the script from exceeding the time limit, try to select a bunch of Max 200 posts per request which would take about five minutes to clear your saved posts. 

Features of this Chrome extension:

  • Bulk post unsaving, as many as 200 at once
  • Unsaving all your selected posts from saved collection
  • Unsaving all posts except few selected ones

Steps to use this Chrome extension:

Let's keep our profile clean, here's how it's done step-wise:

Step 1: Install Unsaver for Instagram

Head back to Google Chrome web store, and search for this extension. Add this extension to your chrome browser

unsaver for instagram installation
Unsaver for Instagram Chrome extension installation

Step 2: Go to your saved tab

After, installing the extension login to your Instagram account and go to your 'Saved' tab. You will now see extra clickable CTA buttons such as Unsave All, Unsave Selected, Unsave Except Selected, Select. 

Unsaver for instagram features
Features of Unsaver for Instagram

Step 3: Select posts you want to unsave

Now, the choice is yours. If you wish to unsave all your posts, select first 200 posts and likewise in a set of bulk to use this extension effectively without experiencing snag.

Or, if you wish to delete selected few then there's a different button too. The option is all yours

select posts to unsave using unsaver for instagram
Select posts to unsave using Unsaver for Instagram

Step 4: Run the tool

After your selection, click on Unsave all/Unsave selected/Unsave except selected as per your choice. Certainly, you will find the tool working fine and within a few minutes you're relieved 

run unsaver for instagram
Run Unsaver for Instagram

Step 5: Thanks to our almighty 

Let's all thank our Almighty 'thisismo' and share this post to maximum numbers

Have great fun, Instagrammers! May the 'Unsaver for Instagram' bless you and be with you

Images: My personal Instagram account screen capture, Canva [Oasis of budding designers like me]


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