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Top 10 Big Data Analytics Events You Should Attend in 2017

Data Science and Big Data Analytics are the most trending search terms across various regions. The interest over Big Data is soaring since past five years (2011-2016)of tenure as per Google Trends analysis.

Gartner's survey reveals, during 2016-2017 more than 75% of companies are planning to invest in the big data. Considering this reality and market analysis, i am listing the 'top 10 Big Data Analytics events and conferences in 2017' that you should consider to attend
Why you should attend these Big Data events and conferences? 2017 is the year of intelligence and most promising year for Big Data solution providers, below are the few main reasons to justify that fact:
You get to know and learn on, how to leverage big data analytics for your businessLearn how you can engage customers with advanced analyticsThe more complex is the data, businesses are in need of most advanced analytics Collaborate with exhibitors across the world and speakers from vast domain expertiseAmple…