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A 7 year old girl asked Google for a job and what happened next is truly motivating!

Yes! A 7 year old girl called Chloe Bridgewater, daughter of Andy Bridgewater who’s currently working as Regional Sales Manager for one of the private companies at Hereford, UK.

Chloe’ is fonder of Google who always follows and sees images of Google offices with their bean bags, go karts and slides. Finally, she decided to write letter to Google in expectation of job. Why she did that and what made her to do that, is painful. Because, she lost her confidence after meeting with car accident a couple of years ago.

Take a look at her cute letter to Google boss:
More surprisingly, she got a revert from Google on 3rd of Feb 2017 with a formal written letter undersigned by Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google Inc. himself. She is more delighted after receiving this letter to encourage her to keep working hard, to follow her dreams and accomplish everything she set in her mind.

A revert from Sundar Pichai:

Isn’t she so cute? 
Andy Bridgewater has thanked Mr. Sundar Pichai, for taking his time out an…