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Top 30 supercool instagram features to optimize your account [Free Guide]

Download a free guide on top 30 Instagram features to optimize your account
Are you new to Instagram? Wondering how to use most of the Instagram features?

Then, download these slides, to find out top 30 super-cool features that you're probably not using yet.

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Top 30 supercool instagram features to optimize your account from PRAVEEN KUMAR BK


9 extraordinary Facebook home page features that you need to discover today

Little background Facebook web home page UI, has been evolved over a period of eight years since March 2009 - the time when Facebook had announced its new home page updates. Today, there are many features and choices which you can control with home page, if you know how to set them right. For instance, you can choose to see ‘top stories’ and ‘most recent’ post updates on your news feed or edit preferences further. Similarly, there are many such features that I will take you through step-by-step right below
Choice of information  We all have our own choice of information and tastes in life. We normally tend to see, watch, read and feel things that are interesting and real-time for us. Similarly, Facebook is really working hard from many years to understand, how people present themselves? what do they remember? whom do they trust? and how they seek different set of information on their newsfeed? So, to give us more control over information that we seek and read on a daily basis, Facebo…