55 Free Stock Photo Sites for Creating Social Media Images

"Altogether, there are more than five million royalty free stock photos on these sites for web design, print and social media post creation." (This is a largest collection of 55 royalty free stock photo sites for startups, social media marketers, individuals and for advertisement)
If you are a Social Media Marketer or a blogger, images are essential part of your day-to-day Social Media posting. But, it’s not easy to find some copyright free, royalty free, creative commons, free stock photos that can be used with your content. 
These sites, not only they provide stock photos. But, also you find vectors, PSD files, Icons with wide range of collections to create infographic, cover banners, featured images, business card, brochure, cover page, flyers, wedding cards, poster and much more.
You can discover different categorical photo collection such as, animals, architecture, backgrounds, beauty, business, finance, computer, communication, education, emotion, food, health, industr…

Top 55 Digital Marketing Blogs Highly Recommended for Beginners

Below specified Digital Marketing blogs are my top pics, that i regularly follow to keep myself updated with the trend. 
Actually, reading Digital Marketing Blogs, is one of the ideal and basic practices which all beginners should incorporate. Since, Digital Marketing is adding value to individuals and enterprises, use of it is exponentially increasing.

It’s highly recommended for beginners to read and subscribe to these sought after digital marketing blogs to stay up-to date.

In Fact, enterprises and SME’s (Small and medium-sized enterprises) also, could learn changing trends and developments for their successful business, instead of falling behind to their rivals.

Digital Marketing is the new way of getting things done. The way we communicate, sell, promote, tools that we use, altogether it’s a fundamental change to how businesses are advertising.

Find some of the best Digital Marketing blogs below, where they publish hot and trending topics you ought to follow always: 

List of Digi…

Top 100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO

“Below specified are, top 100 high PR social bookmarking sites list for your SEO. Since, bookmarks across social sites bring traffic to your web and enhance page rank. Social bookmarking is vital

This blog is my first of its kind, after so much research and validation I have listed some top 100 high page rank and doFollow bookmarking sites.

A list is of valid, reliable, with high PR, high PA(Page Authority) & high DA(Domain Authority) sites, sorted for different locations.

Hope, you might find these useful. Anyhow, on Google you might find similar articles such as, “top 10 to top 1000”.

But, believe me! All those articles are obsolete and lead you nowhere but deceased domains, which are already expired or non-significant sites.
OK! if not all, at least some for sure. Most are “Link Baiting sites” which rank higher but, serve no purpose.

Thus, I have listed below some top-notch bookmarking sites for your daily off-page SEO.

Now, before we begin, let’s uncover the basics of social …

How to export twitter followers to excel file for free

Do you have many followers on twitter?Looking to export, list of your twitter followers to excel?Wish to know, who’s your potential follower out of all?What about having their name, location, handles, profile link etc.? However, exporting your twitter followers manually is, like a mine tour of the long tunnel gold mine. Scrolling your profile from top to bottom and sorting them one by one.

If you know the right ways or free hacks, task is simple and so damn easy. Thus,

I have mentioned some easy methods below, to export entire list of twitter followers to spreadsheet along with their name, account status, bio, profile handle, user followers count, location, last tweeted status and more info.
Four easy methods to export list of your twitter followersTwlets Chrome ExtensionElectoralScout ZenSimplymeasured 1. Twlets Chrome Extension Export twitter followers to excel with Twlets [twitter to excel], it’s a free Google Chrome extension. Export a comprehensive list of yours or export someone…

Top 20 free content analysis tools to measure website effectiveness

"In Digital Marketing, ‘Content analysis’ is vital for your website. It’s essential for quantifying the effectiveness of text, audio, visual content and so on. Let’s learn, the top 20 free content analysis tools below, which can help you with that significantly."
Starting is always a hitch!  You might ponder, why I said that? Since, it’s a typical tendency of people who fear of starting anything new [Procrastination].

Precisely couple of years ago, I was in a similar mode to start my first blog article. I am always apprehensive, of conveying new and fresh content to my readers which interests them.
Anyhow, as days passed by I have developed my writing skills. Started choosing different topics with few being uncommon blog articles.

Having said that, I have picked this topic on “Top 20 free content analysis tools” to enlighten those you few, who are new to Digital Marketing.

For me, traditionally the term ‘CONTENT’ is a vintage term. Why because, since the ages we are using co…